Official Statement

We’re working on a new album.

Being part time musicians is sometimes a matter of choosing between things. We have limited funds and time. We’ve tossed around ideas on wether to release more acoustic songs, perhaps on vinyl, and extend the acoustic tour. We’ve also spoken of doing some Swedish club dates on our own. But we have to choose.
This is what we’ve decided on doing:
Main focus has to be writing and recording a NEW album and book a tour that synchs good with the release. We’ve done 50+ shows in support of Electric Wasteland. We need something new! There won’t be any extensive touring before the album is done, but once it is – we will hit the road!
Also, there are plans on reforming the original lineup temporarily this summer – and do a few shows to celebrate the 10 years gone by since we started playing together. It’s also 5 years since we broke up, after playing Sweden Rock Festival. We will play our entire first album – “Shades of White” – from beginning to end. More om this as it evolves. 
Peace, love & rock n’ roll/

The Gloria Story