Final round of voting

The final round of voting is on in the Sweden Rock band competition. We’re one out of 25 bands that can win the opportunity to play at the festival! You can vote twice a day from every device undil february 10.  We can’t even begin to describe how much...

We’re in the Sweden Rock finals!

Out of 1000nds of bands, we’re one of 25 who’s reached the finals in the Sweden Rock Bandcompetition! That’s freakin’ awesome! And it’s all thanks to you!!!! We have the BEST fans and friends in the world! Final round of voting will begin tomorrow at 09.00! Thanks a MILLION...

Final three days of voting!

Please vote twice a day for THE GLORIA STORY in the Sweden Rock Competition & we’ll win a live slot at the festival! www.swedenrock.com/festival/band-voting Thank you!

Vote for The Gloria Story

We have entered the Sweden Rock band-competition! Please vote for The Gloria Story on this link – and hopefully we will get the chanse to play at this wonderful festival, once agan! http://www.swedenrock.com/en/festival/band-voting

Happy Birthday Paul Stanley!

64 and counting – happy birthday Paul Stanley! We’ve lost a lot of heroes this winter. But today we celebrate the life of one living legend!   

Beast of a northern light

Pretty much exactly one year ago a wild, WILD skiing trip to the Swedish mountain area took place. It spawned the inspiration for our song and video “Beast of a northern light”.  Listen on spotify or Watch on youtube

David Bowie

Thank you for showing us that “different is beautiful”. Your music is ageless and timeless, and therefore also eternal.    

Happy new year!

What a year! We wish you all a happy, new 2016!   

Amazing reviews for “Greetings from Electric Wasteland”

Greetings from Electric Wasteland has received amazing reviews all over the globe. Here’s the first ten or so hits from international rock-bloggers and webzines when googling “Greetings from Electric Wasteland”. We are proud beyond words! Thank you! http://www.daily-rock.com/the-gloria-story-greetings-from-electric-wasteland http://www.kalle-rock.de/cd-reviews/review/article/the-gloria-story-greetings-from-electric-wasteland/ http://tempelores.com/?p=11445 http://thededicatedrockersociety.blogspot.se/2015/11/cd-review-greetings-from-electric.html?m=1 http://mwiemetalblog.over-blog.com/2015/12/cd-review-the-gloria-story-greeting-from-electric-wasteland.html?utm_source=flux&utm_medium=flux-rss&utm_campaign=music-entertainment http://www.metalglory.de/reviews.php?nr=26951 http://metal-heads.de/reviews/gloria-story-greetings-electric-wasteland-voe-27-11-2015/ http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/nl/reviews/view/id/31165 http://www.skruttmagazine.se/recgloriastory.htm http://www.stormbringer.at/reviews/12493/the-gloria-story-greetings-from-electric-wasteland.html http://mwiemetalblog.over-blog.com/2015/12/cd-review-the-gloria-story-greeting-from-electric-wasteland.html http://www.theindependentvoice.org/2015/11/29/gloria-story-greetings-from-electric-wasteland/...

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