Thank HJO!

A lovely crow had gathered to rock with us yesterday – as the sun set on the lovely seaside town of Hjo. We’ve said it before: Hjo Hamnfest is the most beautiful festival on earth and we had a blast! Thank you!

This friday – Hjo Hamnfest!

Live • Hjo Hamnfest • Friday July 17 • Hamnscenen (mainstage) • 20.15 (08.15pm)

Next show: Hjo Hamnfest

Next show: Hjo Hamnfest • Friday July 17 • Mainstage • 20.15 (08.15pm)

Thank you Toreboda!

Thank you Törebodafestivalen for rocking with us! What a rush!!!

Toreboda fest – tonight!

Törebodafestivalen • Norra scenen • 23.45 (11.45pm) • Tonight!

Hjo Hamnfest – July 17!

Latest news: The Gloria Story will play at Hjo Hamnfest. July 17. Mainstage 20.15! Info: https://m.facebook.com/HjoHamnfest

Torebodafestivalen – this Friday!

This Friday we rock Törebodafestivalen! And tomorrow we will also reveal some more festival news for July!

Torebodafestivalen – 1 week to go!

We are ready for Törebodafestivalen, next week. The festival starts July 2, and we headline “Norra scenen” (the northern stage) on Friday July 3! Tickets and info: http://www.toreboda.com/f2015

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Lisa Holm.

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